Hydraulic Hot Rubber Presses

Information on Hot Rubber Presses

Hidrokar Press is known as a leading company known for its customer-oriented solutions in the industrial press sector. We are proud to be one of the most reliable and preferred brands in the industry for hot rubber presses. We offer our customers reliable and high performance production opportunities with hot rubber presses such as RUBBER PRESS HKH MODEL and RUBBER PRESS COLUMN TYPE HKK MODEL.

RUBBER PRESS MODEL HKH is an effective press solution used in the forming and compression of hot rubber materials. HKH MODEL of Hidrokar Pres has a powerful hydraulic system with high temperature and pressure capacity. In this way, it provides sensitive processing of hot rubber materials between molds. It provides an efficient production process by providing operators with ease of use and safety. HKH MODEL is widely used in automotive, dash and other rubber industries.

RUBBER PRESS COLUMN TYPE HKK MODEL is a special press solution used in large volume and intensive production of hot rubber materials. HKK MODEL of Hidrokar Press is designed to offer high efficiency and durability. Thanks to its strong column structure, it provides superior performance in the compression of large rubber parts. It is an ideal press option for enterprises with large production volume in the rubber industry.

Thanks to its expertise and experience in hot rubber presses, Hidrokar Pres offers its customers the best solutions in various sectors. Presses such as RUBBER PRESS HKH MODEL and RUBBER PRESS COLUMN TYPE HKK MODEL play an active role in shaping, compacting and processing hot rubber materials. These presses, produced in accordance with high quality standards, reliably support the production processes of enterprises with their durable structure and long-lasting use.

The hot rubber presses of Hidrokar Press can be specially designed for customer needs and produced in different sizes, power capacities and features. Thanks to our customer-oriented approach, we help businesses achieve the best performance by producing solutions tailored to their specific demands. In addition, we provide technical support and service to customers with our wide service network, thus ensuring that the presses always operate at the optimum level.

As Hidrokar Pres, we closely follow the technological developments in the sector and aim to constantly renew our products. We continue to add value to industrial production processes with reliable and high quality hot rubber presses, always keeping the satisfaction of our customers at the forefront.

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