Hydraulic Deep Drawing Presses

Information About Single Action (Deep Drawing) Presses

Hidrokar Press is known for its customer-oriented solutions as a leading company in the industrial press  sector. We stand out as one of the most reliable and preferred brands in the industry in the field of Single Action (Deep Drawing) Presses. We offer high productivity and precision to our customers with spinning presses such as WORKSHOP TYPE HYDRAULIC PRESS HSA MODEL, C TYPE HYDRAULIC PRESS HSC MODEL, H TYPE HYDRAULIC PRESS MODEL and COLUMN TYPE HYDRAULIC PRESS HSK MODEL.

WORKSHOP TYPE HYDRAULIC PRESS HSA MODEL is a special press model that offers an effective solution in plastering processes. HSA MODEL of Hidrokar Pres performs the spinning operations of sheet metal and other materials sensitively and reliably. Thanks to its high-quality hydraulic system and control mechanisms, it provides customers with efficient and repeatable results. This model offers high performance and long-lasting use in industrial production processes.

C TYPE HYDRAULIC PRESS HSC MODEL is an ideal press solution for the spinning of sheet metal parts in various sizes and thicknesses. HSC MODEL of Hidrokar Pres facilitates the plastering operations of enterprises with its easily adjustable features and powerful hydraulic system. This model, which is used in various industries, can be designed in accordance with customer needs and provides high precision in spinning processes of different materials.

H TYPE HYDRAULIC PRESS MODEL HSH is a press model specially designed for spinning processes of large and complex shapes. HSH MODEL of Hidrokar Pres draws attention with its high power capacity and durable structure. This model is designed to provide high efficiency in industrial production processes. It optimizes production processes by offering customers reliable and quality spinning processes.

COLUMN TYPE HYDRAULIC PRESS HSK MODEL is a prominent solution among spinning presses with column structure. Hidrokar Pres’s HSK MODEL effectively performs the spinning of large sheet metal parts. Thanks to its durable and robust construction, it offers reliable performance in operations that require great power. Having a columnar structure allows stable processing of large-sized parts.

Thanks to its expertise and experience in plastering (deep drawing) presses,  Hidrokar Pres offers its customers the best solutions in various sectors. Presses such as WORKSHOP TYPE HYDRAULIC PRESS HSA MODEL, C TYPE HYDRAULIC PRESS HSC MODEL, H TYPE HYDRAULIC PRESS HSH MODEL and COLUMN TYPE HYDRAULIC PRESS HSK MODEL provide high efficiency, precision and reliability in spinning processes. Thanks to our expert team and customizable design options, we produce solutions that meet customer needs and continue to add value to industrial production processes. As Hidrokar Pres, we always prioritize customer satisfaction and continue to offer the best solutions by closely following the technological developments in the sector.

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