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With developing technology and industrial processes, the design, production and maintenance of machines are becoming increasingly complex. Various machines used in the field of mechanical engineering are designed to make production processes more efficient and effective. In this article, we will talk about three important machines such as length finishing machine, barrel rifling machine and deep hole drilling machine.

1- Length Finishing Machine: Length finishing machine is a machine generally used to complete the final operations of metal parts. This machine removes unnecessary material on parts from previous production stages and brings the part to the desired size and tolerances. CNC (Computer Numerical Control) systems enable this machine to operate more precisely and faster.

2- Barrel Grooving Machine: Barrel rifling machine is a machine generally used in the firearms industry. This machine creates the grooves and sets in the gun barrels, ensuring that the bullets receive the desired rotation. This machine, which requires precise machining, is important to increase the performance and accuracy of firearms.

3- Deep Hole Drilling Machine: Deep hole drilling machine is a machine used especially in applications where long and narrow holes need to be drilled. This machine is designed to create deep holes, usually in long workpieces. For example, it is frequently used in the mold and drill industry. Thanks to CNC controls, precise hole drilling operations can be performed with high efficiency.

These three machines are among the sample machines used in different applications in the field of mechanical engineering. With their advanced technological features and computer-controlled systems, these machines provide greater precision, speed and reliability in production processes, contributing to the industry being more competitive.

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