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Since 1971, our main goal has been to produce high quality, robust and long-lasting hydraulic presses. In line with this vision, we always work with an honest, fast and expert team and deliver our presses to our customers in Turkey and abroad. Thanks to our commitment to customer satisfaction, we are constantly growing and serving a wider audience.


From 1971 to Today..

Yaşar Karatoprak started his career in a small business in 1971; By advancing in line with its goals with the principles of reason, industriousness and honesty, it became the master of its business in a short time and brought the HİDROKAR brand to the world…


Who are we?

Hidrokar Pres is a company that has proven itself in the global arena with more than 150+ export experience. We demonstrate our customer-oriented approach by reaching more than 300+ satisfied customers. We are always with you with our 24/7 technical support team to provide you with the best service.

In order to show our sensitivity to the environment, we produce 100% sustainable presses. With our innovative and environmentalist solutions in the industry, we protect the environment while using resources efficiently.

Our company is in a leading position in the sector with our experience in export, satisfied customer portfolio, uninterrupted technical support and environmentally friendly presses. We are here to take your business further by providing you with quality products and services.

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